Increase website and print conversion rates by 73% right now...

I'm a writer for the wire harness industry with a passion for helping businesses discover how they can have clarity in every form of communication.

Here's the hard truth about creating persuasive marketing messages:

There's writing to please your English teacher. Then there's writing to sell products and services. And they're two completely different things.

Persuasive market writing is all about communicating effectively with the chosen person or persons.

I'm completely dedicated to writing direct-response messages about your products, services and internal communications that:

  1. Persuade the market about your brand
  2. Build your position for purchase decisions
  3. Generate leads for the sales department
  4. Power the sales department to close the deal
  5. Effectively share info to employees

And I'm not talking about old-school, hard-sell language. Nobody likes to be sold.

I'm talking about conversational language. Your customers and fellow employees demand and expect honest dialogue.

Marketing messages should be no different.

And you'll see increase on your website and print conversion rates with this philosophy. More on that below ...


Why Heavy Jargon Doesn't Always Work ...

If excessive technical language and jargon is used in external communications – web pages, white papers, case studies, sales forms, articles / blogs – readers will leave the page. 

Quickly.  And with glazed-over eyes.

The majority of your audience are NOT technical.  You're in business to persuade non-geeks (supply vendors, investors, non-technical customers, your boss, those in charge of purchasing, etc.) to support your cause.

And when speaking with internal co-workers and industry folks needs more jargon and tech-speak, I can do that.  Sometimes technical language works best, sometimes conversational copywriting is the way to go.

Either way, it's all human-to-human contact.  We need to communicate in print and on the web just like we're standing next to the person.

You need a copywriter than speaks those languages. That's where I want to help.


Why I can do it ...

I am a true electronic nerd. I'm a musician who has repaired all or most of my own gear over the past 40+ years.

An associate degree in electronics from the National Institute of Technology/National Education Corporation in 1986 led me to a career in repairing TVs, VCRs and stereos.

My repairs were just about anything that plugged into the wall. Fun! The moral of the story ... always check the power supply.

In 1995, I went to work for the Intel Corp. and began a career as an engineering tech.  I built automatic test equipment and wrote technical manuals.

I excelled in the design and build of wire harnesses, and have a great deal of experience in soldering and connectors.  I really love working with wires and diagrams.

Which is why I love writing about wires and the factory and business environments.

Wire harness built by Steve Cass

I built this wire harness in late 2018 . And was the architect of layout and routing.

With the right type of writing ...

Even though my passion is electronics, that's not enough.

Having experience in writing 'proper English' or experience in journalism ... isn't enough.

Having education in conversational copywriting, search optimization, and relevant content IS enough.

Why? Because that's what effective business communication is in our world today.

The worlds of Copywriting, SEO, and Content have collided for us.  This has been happening for a number of years, but it's a bright light here in the teens of the 21st century.

Read my white paper on this subject to discover why I believe this is true ...


You need a copywriter.

At American Writers and Artists, Inc, we're taught the 80/20 rule: 8 out of 10 readers will read your headline copy but only 2 out of 10 will read your entire post or case study.

To get readers further down the page, the headline needs the qualities of the best headline ever written.

This Marketing Experiments test showed that an optimized headline increased website conversion rates by 73%.  This means that not only did overall readership of the content rise, but 73% more people took the requested action.

Due only to a modified headline.

That's on OLD reference (2006).  But it's still relevant in today's marketing environment. Massive changes can be in store – of varying positive numbers – when you begin to pay attention to how your communications are written.

To have people understand the message of your white paper; to have folks take your call to action in your sales proposal, the rest of the copy needs to be written in the same convincing manner as the headline.


I'd like to be that guy

If you'd like to see better numbers on your website and print communications, give me a call.  I'd love to talk with you about your wire harness copywriting needs!

For descriptions on my services, visit the Services and Fees page. For answers you haven't found yet, visit the FAQ page.

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