Don't Get What the Little Boy Shot At
Take Direct Aim at Your Target Audience
Increase Your Leads and B2B Wins by 20%

I grew up playing Cribbage with grandpa.

If you had zero points in your hand or crib while playing this 400 year-old card game, grandpa would say:  "You got what the little boy shot at."

If you don't take direct aim at your target audience, your marketing dollars will miss the mark.  Make a communication plan, or you'll get "what the little boy shot at." 

Whether you seek new clients or want victories in B2B transactions, you don't have time or money to throw away.

Inside this white paper, find out how to:

  • Discover a simple and specific marketing plan
  • Develop the profile of your audience
  • Hire the right writer

… all around the 21st century concept of Relevant Content Marketing, using the CORTA planning tool.  Content that's Optimized and Relevant for your Target Audience.

You'll read about a company with 20% increase in leads in 2017 just because they listened to their audience.

Now you'll have the tools to listen to your audience.  And take perfect aim, unlike the little boy.  

Get exactly what your wire harness company is aiming for. 

Download your free copy today!





CORTA White Paper Image

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