Yes, Steve.  I agree it's time for a complete content marketing strategy. 

One cohesive document with the company content and marketing plans.  This includes all possible marketing messages for my product, service, idea, or complex purchase decision.

Steve, I'll help you begin my unique Relevant Content Master Plan with answers to the questions (Steve will help complete the answers if you don't have them):

Why do I have a plan?

Who is my ideal customer?

What are the steps in the buying cycle and which persuasive document am I going to use for each?

When do I release that content?

How do I execute my plan?


Below are the 10 new areas of depth that Steve will add to my plan:

Description of how my product, service or purchase decision works

Explanation of value provided by my product, service or purchase decision

Product, service or purchase decision tagline ideas

A complete list of market research facts and figures

USP – Unique selling proposition statement

ESP – Emotional selling proposition statement

Product positioning statement

Testimonials from product champions

Core message benefit statements

Core message statements that anticipate objections and overcome them


Relevant Content Master Plan

At this point, I want a quote and written project plan ONLY.  I'll commit to the project and hire Steve if I agree with the final quote, which he'll deliver to me within 48 hours of the required questionnaire.

This quote has no obligation, of course.  But, if I'm convinced that I want to hire Steve right now, I have the option to lock in the minimum project rate, $4675. **



I can do this by making an initial, non-refundable, payment of $1170.  Steve will send a detailed plan for my new content marketing strategy.

The balance due for my unique Relevant Content Master Plan will then be $3505.  However, I'm STILL not obligated to pay that balance until I agree with Steve's written plan and return a signed contract.


(Please remember that Steve requires a 50% down payment in order to begin the project.  If you've locked the project rate at $4675 and made an initial payment of $1170, then the balance due before the project begins is an additional $1170.  Final payment of  $2335 is due with project delivery.)


Lock in the rate. $4675  Initial payment of $1170.  After, I'll be taken to the questionnaire page.



OR, I decided I'm not going to make a payment today.  But I want a no-obligation quote, and Steve will send the detailed plan for my new content marketing strategy and a new quote in the $4675 - $9350 price range. **

Take me to the questionnaire page.  I understand that the project price will be higher.


Thank You

If you opt out and decide not to continue with this project or no-obligation quote, no hard feelings.  And I appreciate your time looking at the Relevant Content Marketing Plan.  Pass the opportunity along to your peers.

Please keep the two bonus reports with my compliments (available on the Questionnaire page).

The 7 Secrets of Online Marketing

What Search Engine Optimization Means for Your Business


Steve Cass

100% Satisfaction, No-Risk Guarantee

I guarantee your complete satisfaction with the Relative Content Master Plan.  I hope you're enthusiastic with what you see.  But, if you're not 100 percent satisfied, I'll revise the copy according to your specific guidelines ... and at my expense.

Call me at 480.773.3484 if your more comfortable on the phone.

Just tell me what you want improved and what the specific changes are, and I'll make them.  Fast.  There's no charge for rewriting.  Revisions are included in the flat fee we've agreed to for the project.


New product additions are of course not improvements or changes.  I can make these type of changes for additional fees.  Which, of course, would be favorable to you as a returning customer, and possibly easier to modify your existing report.

What I don’t guarantee is a particular result.  The Direct Marketing Association Code of Ethics prohibits me from doing so. Why?

There are many factors in your marketing – product, market, price, list, demand, consumer preferences, the economy, the stock market, major events, inept execution, wrong strategy, inaccurate client input – I cannot control.

I can and do guarantee your satisfaction with my copy.  But I do not promise and cannot guarantee specific results.

** WEB ONLY Discount Information

This WEB ONLY price is a great way to save from 17% to 28.5% off the normal price. The usual quote is based on a number of factors, but primarily on the number of products and target audiences.

A quote for a typical situation of a single product and a single target audience might be $4675 plus $935.  Each additional product and target audience can raise the quote by $935.  

The WEB ONLY price represents a 17% saving from the typical $5610 quote.

If you have two products and two target audiences, your quote might be $6545.  You'd save $1870 on the project by locking in the $4675 project price today, 28.5%.


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