When the arrow is pulled from the quiver,

a skilled Olympic archer has already declared its destination.

Her mind has already mapped how she'll draw ... how she'll fire. The target is well-known to her.

She's quite confident where the arrow will land.

At 70 meters away, she aims at a 122 cm target. The inner-most circle – the bullseye and worth the most points – is all that she sees.

At 12.2 centimeters across, it's about the size of a grapefruit.

Now picture yourself standing in deep center field, looking at home plate for a grapefruit-sized target. Wow!

Olympic.org notes that from 70 meters, the entire target appears as small as a thumbtack held at arm’s length.

A thumbtack!

Your target - your playing field

This is exactly why you hire a copywriter for web and print communications. A good copywriter not only reaches the target, but finds that rich center circle.

Like an Olympic archer, copywriters learn to shut out all distraction and magnify incredible details. They focus specifically on the language of business.

The language of people.

The business copywriter understands what it takes to win in the 21st century marketing environment.

But this is where the analogy stops being about the copywriter and starts to be completely about you.

This is your target. Your playing field. You simply need the copywriter to be the skilled archer and help fire your communication arrows to home plate.

Copywriters get to know your target

The type of writer to hire is the one that’ll commit to intense research. He or she wants to enter the world of your audience to understand them.

Like the Olympic athlete, the copywriter's job is to solely focus on the center circle of the target.

You may or may not know exactly who your target audience is. A great business copywriter will help you define your crowd.

Realize why it's important to speak the language of your crowd from an example of how you do daily business:

In the wire harness industry, you have vendors for supplies and machinery. You do a Google search for bulk wire or ... a replacement cutting blade on an automatic wire stripper.

You give them your company information and make the purchase.

These vendors want to know exactly who you are and why you're searching for them.

You might think they don’t care as long as you agree to buy their stuff, but trust me: they’re checking you out.

You are the target they fired on from center field.

Did you stumble across them in your search on Google, or did they use the right keywords and website content to gain your attention?

During your web search, did you find exactly what you were looking for? Quickly? Without frustration?

Is your business using these online strategies to attract your crowd?

The online copywriter who understands how your business functions will make sure your communication arrows find the right targets.


Copywriters know the importance of clarity

Excessive words – or too much jargon – will turn away impatient eyes. Copywriters understand this.

(Even if it's a technical crowd, your writing will be ignored with the wrong balance.)

Your internal and external business writing needs must:

  • quickly grab attention,
  • show clear communication,
  • be precise and to-the-point,
  • strive for reader retention,
  • and get the reader to take persuasive action.

Copywriters understand the power of words and how to instantly connect with the reader. The importance of clarity drives the bus.

Copywriters do the necessary research to really know your target audience. Before a single word is written.

Each document has to be concise and deliver powerful words in short order. It's this attention to detail that shows you're not wasting your customer's time.

And these words, aimed right at them, shouts that you have the solution.

This level of commitment delivers the message to them: “I'm listening to you”.

Hire the right writer

Copywriting is a different form of writing from, say, journalism. Newspaper and magazine articles/blogs are there to report information or to give commentary.

Sometimes in a wordy fashion.

Copywriting, on the other hand, delivers important ideas – quickly and effectively. Directly to the the designed target.

In other words, when what you write matters to your bottom line, you want a copywriter. Not a journalist.

Your intent is to increase brand awareness and persuade the reader to take action.

Hire a professional copywriter that knows the language of B2B (business-to-business) communications AND knows when you need B2C-style language (business-to-consumer).

A writer who is skilled in both styles of writing is well-prepared for the needs of communicating to your employees, your stakeholders, and your target audience. Why?

Because no matter the style, the copywriter understands that you need B2P language (business-to-people).

Your takeaway

In every single piece of communication that you have – web page, white paper, presentation – it’s never all about the company. It’s always about how the company can serve the target audience.

Think about how you feel when you're reading ... anything. You think, “what’s in it for me?” or “why should I bother to read more?

When the reader recognizes you're the right solution for them, and you're speaking right to them, you'll definitely see a bump in sales and production.

To accomplish your business writing and marketing tasks, hire a skilled copywriter that understands your industry.

Hire a copywriter that knows how to pull the right arrow from the quiver ... and accurately fire it ... at the right target.

Your turn

Does this archery analogy make sense to you? What other ideas have you heard? Please let me know in the comments below.

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